Monday, July 28, 2014


In my latest video, I tackled an ongoing battle between "teams" set up and over emphasized by social media. Team natural hair versus team relaxed, or team weaves and wigs (ridiculous I know) however, it has become a major challenge for those of us in the beauty community. As a "beauty guru" on YouTube I personally have seen the separation between the natural hair gurus, and the others. It has come to an unfortunate point, and it's seems as though if you are not wearing your hair in it's natural state you are not respected as much as a woman wearing locs or twist out! I recently watched another YouTube personality, she has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and she made a statement saying when she wears "wigs and weaves or anything that makes her hair longer or in a different texture...people treat her different". She goes on to say wearing her afro textured, natural hair brings more "genuine" people and conversations. Comments like that are made out of personal experience and opinion, but they still set that line of separation amongst those that are listening, so I honestly did not care for her statements. YouTube is definitely separated by so many beauty lines, and I am wondering when will things change. Natural hair gurus tend to get more views and subscribers because they are viewed as "real", but you have someone like myself who is always real and true to myself, that struggles to gain in subscribers/views. In addition to hair separations, you have the "mixed" gurus, light skin gurus, dark skin gurus, makeup or no makeup gurus, and we're all seemingly being placed into boxes. 

As a Black woman, that is constantly asked "what is your nationality?" I get wanting to be "proud" of your race, but the truth is the way you wear your hair does not make you a proud Black woman or anything less than. I do not have a relaxer, but I prefer my natural hair to be blown out or straightened, does that make me less of a Black woman? I love the versatility of wearing wigs, I can color them, cut them, straighten them daily, curl them, and a number of more options that I CANNOT do to my natural hair because I would be bald.  I personally don't like the way I look in twist out, so I am not going to wear that style, that's doesn't mean I'm going to judge the beauty guru that has amazing twist out, and amazing natural curls. I love that I can take care of my natural hair, by keeping it in a protective style and I get to change my hairstyles often with my wigs...that's my hair choice. We all have the choice to wear our hair however we want to, and we should not judge the next woman based on what her choice is. Let's diminish the "teams" bullsh*t, and learn to celebrate TEAM ME, be proud of who you are no matter what your choice of cosmetics and hair products is. BYOB | Be Your Own Beauty! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I was asked by an aspiring blogger to share my "blogger necessities" or my favorites, so here it is! This is my personal list of items, that I feel are necessary to help me do my job as a blogger, but they are not required by any means. I'll start with my fashion favorites. A few pairs of perfectly fitting skinny jeans are a must for me because jeans can be worn in so many different ways, you dress them up or down depending on your choice of top. As for tops, I keep basic white v-neck t-shirts handy along with graphic t's for quick casual days, you can wear a pair of high heels or sneakers with a t-shirt and still be on trend any day. Blazers are essential to my wardrobe, I own several blazers, in multiple colors and styles. Blazers are awesome transition pieces, a blazer can take a casual look (jeans and a t-shirt) to chic, or a super sexy dress to a more classier and chic outfit. I absolutely love shoes, comfortable shoes to be exact, so I love a 4-5 inch pointed-toe pump in black, red, or nude. I also keep a good pair of sneaker wedges close by for my more dressed down days.  Accessories and makeup is very basic for me, on an average day I'll wear a pair of gold hoop earrings and matching gold watch. An oversized handbag is always very useful because I can fit important things in it, like my camera or laptop. Makeup is usually very minimal, lip gloss and blush usually does the job!

Moving along to the tech necessities, these are the things I feel I absolutely need to blog. My Canon T3 DSLR camera, I use my camera almost daily, to shoot HD videos, and to take HQ photos to post on my social networks. A good camera is one of the best investments you will make, if blogging is what you really want to do! My laptop is the next most important piece of equipment needed to blog, I use a MacBook to upload and edit videos, post to my blog, and constantly update my social network statuses. Last but definitely not least,  my smart phone (I can't do anything without it) I currently have the LG G2 and I love it. It has a lot of storage, which is significant for all of the photos and videos I have stored in my galleries, it's super fast, and it does just about everything my laptop does. When I am on the go,  I use my phone to respond to emails, comments, and I even use my phone to handle my online store business, and so much more!

I hope this gave you a little insight to my blogger basics and favorites...I'll be back soon! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On The Run Tour: Atlanta, GA July 15th | BEYONCE + JAY Z = BEST CONCERT EVER! | WHAT TO WEAR!

Jay Z and Beyonce's On The Run tour hit Atlanta, and I was there to witness one of the best concerts I have ever seen. The show started at approximately 8:51 pm (scheduled time was 8:00) so we didn't have to wait too long, but when the lights went down and the smoke cleared you saw Jay Z and Beyonce standing on stage together, and the crowd just went crazy. The power couple performed all of their separate hits, taking turns while hitting the stage and their duet performances were all full of energy and life! I enjoyed them both separately, watching Beyonce perform is an experience and even though it was my third time seeing her live, this show had a different vibe. It was first time seeing Jay Z in concert, and I have to admit I was shocked at how much I loved his sets he put on a great show.  I am definitely going to be watching the HBO special when it airs because I really want another chance to see them perform this was nothing short of amazing! 

Check out what my husband and I wore to the show!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014


Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I was inspired by Jennifer Lopez to go with an all pink outfit. I found this really lovely bandage skirt, that fits like a glove and a chiffon crop top with metal accents on the back, both from Know Style boutique. The skirt and top were both around $45, and the shoes and bag ran me about $50. The faux suede nude pump from Forever 21, were comfortable after I "broke them in" but of course with any pointy toe heels, my feet were ready to give up by the end of the night.  I absolutely loved my cross body quilted chain bag, which was a steal from Ross! The size of my bag was perfect for a  night out, and it is super chic. Check out the video of this outfit here:

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