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Friday, December 18, 2015


Amber Rose was spotted looking extra curvy in her spandex leggings and hoodie, but some thought she was trying to give her bottom a boost with butt pads. Well Amber herself said "I am not wearing booty pads!...It's a full body trainer I wear it when I workout". We know exactly where to order your own curve enhancing workout garments and they're on sale! Orders your today to help enhance your natural butt and curves. ORDER YOURS HERE!

Monday, August 3, 2015


I have definitely abandoned my blog, but I have been so busy with being a mother, wife, and business woman, so time is a luxury these days! When I first started I had a lot of time to post about the things I loved; fashion, celebrity style, fashion & fitness tips but now it seems like there is never enough time in one day. Being a mom alone, takes up a lot of time especially when your child is creative, intelligent, and gets bored faster than the average child. Being a wife means keeping the husband and house happy, and being a self-employed business woman means working 12-14 hours a day to stay on track. I am beyond thankful to be blessed with an amazing family, successful business, good health, and a slew of supporters. And even though I may be absent from posting on the blog I am definitely still active around other parts of the internet. Running a YouTube channel, and attempting to grow my channel everyday is a lot of work.  I spend a lot of time on YouTube because I can visually express what I'm passionate about to the world. I love being able to share tips, and creative visuals on fashion, fitness, beauty and my lifestyle, and that is what I will continue to do until God leads me somewhere else. 

If you started following me from this blog, then you know how I have grown so let's just say being too busy is a good thing, a blessing! In the meantime I'm always posting photos, videos,  and tweeting about my favorite TV shows (lol), so you can keep up with me on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and my new website where you can stay updated on the latest videos, sales, and more. 


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