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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


If you're looking to jump start your weight loss journey, this 7-Day Smoothie Challenge might be perfect for you. Of course you should never start any new diet regimens without talking to your doctor first, and after speaking to my doctor I was cleared to start this all natural cleanse. After having baby number two, and being cleared to workout again I wanted to jump start my personal journey. I have a lot of weight to lose, and I am a breastfeeding mom so I have to be careful in how I choose to lose the weight. Anything I do personally, has to be all natural to keep my breast milk flowing. This 7-Day Smoothie Challenge did more for me than I expected, it actually regulated my digestive system which I was struggling with after giving birth. I also lost a few pounds during the week of drinking my smoothies, but most importantly I felt amazing. The fresh vegetables and fruits gave me  a  ton of energy, and with being a new mom  again, I needed it! The smoothies were so effective, I've decided to add the fruit and veggie blend to my everyday diet. I will be having a smoothie with breakfast or for a snack, which will be beneficial for my health and of course I am still working out. If you want to try the challenge for yourself click here

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